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The Installation Kit is an ongoing project designed to question the definition of Installation Art and the role of the artist in it. At the same time, this project pokes fun at other forms of art. As an artist, I have established a set of rules for the making of my work. With this project, I am breaking most of those rules. My systematic and deliberate breaking of those rules has resulted in a completely new set of rules that apply only to this project. The most essential rule for this project is that the actions and decisions usually made by me in an installation are made by the collector.

The 1st Edition of this project debuted in an exhibition called “Collectible” at the Northern Illinois University Gallery in Chicago in 2003. This idea had been bouncing around my head for years and the invitation for this show became the perfect incentive to try it. In the exhibition catalog, curator Julie Charmelo wrote:

“Although quite successful in exhibiting in various venues, the site-specific nature of Jason Peot’s work limits its ability to be collected. In theory, site-specific installations cannot exist outside the environment for which they were conceived, yet artists continually recreate site-specific works in various contexts, often modifying them to fit a particular space. Interested in this forced adaptability, Peot creates The Installation Kit (1st Edition), a limited edition of “do-it-yourself” installations, neatly boxed, complete with light sources, mountable wall pegs and instruction booklets allowing anyone to install what will become these site-specific, yet variable, installations. Manufactured by an industrial metals company, Peot purposely distances himself from the actual process of creating, thus questioning value as determined by artistic production. Further exaggerating this irony is the fact that the series is comprised of signed, numbered editions, a legitimate practice in a medium like print-making, where the numbers correspond to their printing order and influence the purity of the image, and thus its value, but one that is nonsensical in relation to mass-produced, industrial multiples.”

Both the 1st and 2nd Editions of The Installation Kit have been collected by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

The 1st Edition Kits are mostly in collections in and around Chicago.

The 2nd Edition Kits were exhibited at the Bridge Art Fair Miami 2006. They sold to collectors from all over the country.

The 3rd Edition is planned for 2008.

For further information about this project, please contact me at jasonpeot@earthlink.net